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  • The cutting edge technology offered in the MiniRAE 3000 makes it the ideal choice for applications like industrial hygiene and HazMat detection.

  • AES provides a wide range gas personal gas detectors, tubes, single-gas monitors, multi-sensor chemical detection monitors, and PIDs for volatile organic compounds 
    including the MiniRAE 3000 PID from manufacturer RAE Systems Inc and is the authorised Australian Distributor and service centre

  • Employers and Employees have obligations to protect themselves from Hazardous Substances in their workplace

  • AES supplies Sound Level Meters and Noise Meters, Noise Dosimeters, Noise Measurement Instruments, microphones
    and accessories for the Industrial Hygiene market from manufacturer Cirrus Research

  • AES provides quality Air Sampling Equipment for professionals working in occupational and environmental health and safety, and in indoor air quality from manufacturer SKC Inc and GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

  • There is now more need than ever, to promote public awareness of the impact of collective human activities on the Environment - Active Environmental Solutions

  •  Solutions for Environmental and Workplace Monitoring

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Active Environmental Solutions are the proud Australian distributor of the MiniRAE 3000, a portable gas detector that offers the most cutting edge technology currently on the market. These devices offer users a number of features that make it so desirable, including:

  • Proven PID technology – the device has a fast 3 second response time, inbuilt humidity and temperature sensors, and an extended range of up to 15,000 ppm with improved linearity.
  • Rugged housing – the MiniRAE is able to withstand use in the harshest of environments with its IP67 waterproof design (for easy cleaning and decontamination) and a protective rubber boot.
  • Ease of use – the device features a large display (for easy overview of gas type, correction factor and concentration) and real-time wireless data transmission with RF modem or Bluetooth.

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